How to Clean a Tool Box

Every man needs a good tool box on the back of his truck, in his garage, or in the shop to store all of the tools he’s collected to complete various projects. The tool box is an important item in any man’s life, at last for those who appreciate the value of a repair. But, if you don’t take care of your gas monkey garage tool box it will not provide the long-lasting value and durability that you want and need. Cleaning the toolbox is the easiest way to prolong its use and lifetime.

Here are a few tips to help you organize and clean your toolbox so you’ll never lose that screwdriver or wrench or a great box due to rust ever again!

gas monkey garage tool box

·    Lay all of the tools from the toolbox on a tarp on the floor.

·    Use a damp cloth and household cleaner to clean off the outside of the toolbox.

·    Use a paint thinner soaked cloth to clean the inside.

·    Use a paint thinner soaked cloth to clean dirt, oil, and debris from the tools.

·    Toss any rusted screwdrivers, nails, or other junk that so easily accumulates in the toolbox that you cannot and will not use again.

·    Use cardboard at the bottom of the box to soak up excess oil.

·    Lay the tools back in the box in an orderly manner, according to the frequency of use so they’re easier to find.

·    Add a couple of pieces of chalk to the toolbox for moisture absorption and to better prevent rust from forming on your tools.

With these tips, cleaning and organizing the toolbox is easy and you’ll prolong the lifetime of your tools while you keep it organized and looking great. Use this information to your advantage and you cannot go wrong!

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