4 Signs it is Time for Roof Repair

Is it time for a roof repair?  Many signs suggest that it’s time to pick up the phone to schedule service with the professionals. Of course, if you schedule roof maintenance vero beach fl

You will experience fewer calls to the roofers during the year. Read below to learn four top signs that it is time to call in the pros to repair the roof.

Roof Age

How old is the roof on your house? If it is over 20-years old, it is probably time to call a professional to get a new roof instead of a simple replacement, although this varies from one material to another. Any of material will certainly need some work to keep it in good condition at this age.


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Call in the pros at the first sign of a leak. When the roof leaks, it takes little time to ruin the interior of your home and the structure, too. Leaks are no laughing matter so do not waste precious time waiting to make the call.

Curling & Buckling

For homes with asphalt shingles, curling and buckling are additional signs that it is time to call a professional to come out to make that needed roof repair. It is easy to see that your roof is curling and has buckling shingles, even from the ground looking up. Do not ignore this problem.

Missing Shingles

Another problem for homeowners with shingles is missing shingles. When there are missing shingles from the roof, there are many causes of concern. First, it can cause a leak and allows sunlight to come in. it looks unattractive and causes other trouble as well.

If you notice these signs of trouble, do not wait longer than necessary to pick up the phone and call to get a repair made quickly.

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